A Fresh Start through “Avoiding” Judgment Liens

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Bankruptcy gives you a fresh start by writing off debts. But it can also free up your home by getting rid of or “avoiding” judgment liens. Writing off debts is good. But if a creditor got a judgment against you, and you own a home, most likely that debt has also turned into a judgment lien on the title of your … Read More

Warning: A Scam Hitting Bankruptcy Filers

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Watch out for this scam: a phone call seemingly from somebody you should trust, giving reliable sounding information, requesting money. You Wouldn’t Be Fooled by This If you get an email written in imperfect English from somebody saying she needs your help to move a huge amount of money out of her African country, and that you’ll get a healthy … Read More

These Three Simple Steps Can Take You From Bankruptcy to Financial Freedom

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Bankruptcy happens. No matter how you get there—sudden job loss, medical emergency, financial crisis, lack of knowledge about debt management—you’re not alone. In fact, it’s a lot more common than you might think. In 2014, Indiana processed 30,000 personal filings from Hoosiers, and Kentucky’s records hovered right around 17,500. Country-wide that year, just over 910,000 people filed for bankruptcy. Still … Read More