The Tax Exceptions

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In spite of you filing bankruptcy, the taxing authorities can still take certain very specific actions as exceptions to the automatic stay.

Automatic Stay Exceptions

Wasson and ThornhillAutomatic Stay

The “automatic stay” immediately stops most collection actions by most creditors when you file bankruptcy. But here are some key exceptions.

Relief from the Automatic Stay

Wasson and ThornhillAutomatic Stay

Creditors sometimes ask the bankruptcy court for permission to take certain collection action against you or the collateral.   In our last blog post we talked about the “automatic stay.” It’s one of the most important benefits of filing bankruptcy. It’s certainly the fastest, going into effect immediately when you or your Louisville lawyer files your bankruptcy case. The automatic … Read More

The “Automatic Stay”

Wasson and ThornhillAutomatic Stay

You get immediate protection from creditor collections by filing a Chapter 7 case. Same with Chapter 13 except it protects you longer, if needed.   The automatic stay is the very strong legal protection from your creditors you receive when you file a bankruptcy case. The automatic stay stops virtually all attempts by creditors to collect their debts against you, … Read More

Writing Off Student Loans from the Closing of ITT Technical Institute

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  On September 6, 2016 the parent company of 136 ITT Technical Institute branches announced that it was closing. It immediately closed all of its classroom and online instructions across the country. It canceled the academic quarter that was to start on the following Monday, September 12, leaving about 45,000 students scrambling. ITT Tech had two locations in Louisville. One’s … Read More