A Hard Lesson Learned

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Having to go through the Bankruptcy process never leaves a person feeling good about their financial dilemma. When faced with the prospect of filing either Chapter 7 or 13, as a normal individual we have the tendency to ask, “Why me?”, or state, “It’s not fair!”, or feel, “The whole system is against me…sigh”. But if we are truly honest … Read More

My Journey to a New Start

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The Beginning I had carried the burden of insurmountable debt for over three years before coming to the realization that I would never be able to pay off the medical bills I had incurred. I knew of only one resolution to my problem: bankruptcy. It would become my secret shame. I had anguished over this decision. It would be a … Read More

A Debt You Personally or Morally Want to Pay

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If you feel personally or morally obligated to pay a debt, Chapter 7 allows you to do that, while Chapter 13 puts up roadblocks.   Our last blog post was about debts that you still pay after a Chapter 7 “straight bankruptcy” case. These included debts you might WANT to pay as well as those that you are legally REQUIRED … Read More