A Hard Lesson Learned

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Having to go through the Bankruptcy process never leaves a person feeling good about their financial dilemma. When faced with the prospect of filing either Chapter 7 or 13, as a normal individual we have the tendency to ask, “Why me?”, or state, “It’s not fair!”, or feel, “The whole system is against me…sigh”. But if we are truly honest with ourselves, we would take a hard look and see that we just weren’t careful enough or vigilant with our finances and credit. And unforeseen circumstances that are out of our control (death, divorce, job loss, etc.), seem to be the lit fuse about to explode, that always adds to the foray of the matter and problem.

But once we can cease to look for blame for the financial mess that exists, we can concentrate on resolving our troubles. Bankruptcy is not the end of the world. If anything, it is the beginning….the beginning of the end to the nightmare of our fall from financial grace. It is also the beginning to getting back on track with repairing your credit. In this country, we are fortunate that the legal system provides a means for persons to resolve matters of financial duress that can often break the spirit, will and back of the strongest individual. Yes, being in bankruptcy can be embarrassing or humiliating….but we can be thankful that we don’t live in a society where “debtors jail” is used for those who owe more than they can repay.

The Attorneys at Wasson & Thornhill assumed my case when my original attorney moved out of state. And for the next five (5) years of Hades (for me), they were always there for me when I emailed them with questions; when they went to fight for me in court against another creditor; or when they had to fix matters that always seemed to arise from a parallel dimension (well….it seemed that way to me- – – haha). They monitored my progress, and when they noted that I had completed my bankruptcy payments 6-months early, they filed for an immediate release of my case from bankruptcy court.

But they weren’t finished with me yet….this legal team took the time to help instruct me on how to rebuild my credit and get back on track. It required a good deal of time, attention and effort on my part, but I could see progress occurring more quickly than I expected. It began with me being very vigilant in paying my current bills timely and in full, every month. I had to prove and reestablish my track record and regain the creditors’ trust. The next task involved getting the three (3) reporting agencies to delete, clean up, and repair their reports with regards to information they had on me. But Wasson & Thornhill helped me with that as well, providing information, guidance and legal support if needed.

It didn’t take long before creditors were offering me credit again. But I was smarter this time. I didn’t jump in and take the first thing that was offered to me, and when I did accept credit, I had a plan in place, and I treated this newly won credit with kid gloves, as if it were glass and could shatter at any time (because it can). It may not sound like a tremendous win, but after only two (2) years of having my bankruptcy case dismissed and released, I am currently looking at a credit score of 700, the prospect of an equity loan to put into my home, and the possibility of purchasing a new vehicle at 0% interest (based on my credit score).

But before I do ANY of these things, I still go back to Wasson & Thornhill to get their input on my next move……and I always, ALWAYS remember that- – -bankruptcy was a hard lesson learned…a HARD LESSON LEARNED.

With greatest hopes for you……..Yvonne in Lexington