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Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash These are financially very challenging times for many. One of the best decisions you can make is to get free bankruptcy legal advice now. What Businesses Do Before Filing Bankruptcy The following are just a few of the companies which have filed business bankruptcy in the last couple months: Pier 1 Imports CMX Cinemas … Read More

Unexpected Benefit: Use Chapter 7 to Permanently Stop Student Loan Collections

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Chapter 7 bankruptcy can temporarily stop student loan collections. Here are several ways it can stop these collections permanently.   Bankruptcy gives you tools to deal with special debts—including those you can’t easily write off. Last week we got into income taxes. Today we discuss student loans, focusing on this special kind of debt in Chapter 7 “straight bankruptcy.” Next … Read More

The Same but Very Different Automatic Stay in Chapter 7 and 13

Wasson and ThornhillAutomatic Stay

Both Chapter 7 and 13 have the same automatic stay to stop creditor collection actions. But how they each use that tool is very different.   Last time we focused on how you can use the Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 options to your time advantage. Chapter 7 “straight bankruptcy” is very fast. If all or most of your debts can be … Read More

Be Willing to Be Surprised between Chapter 7 and 13

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Chapter 7 is much shorter and usually has lower fees than Chapter 13. But Chapter 13 can be much more powerful. Be willing to be surprised.   Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Chapter 7 “straight bankruptcy” is usually, but not always, for simpler situations. It’s often the right choice if your income is relatively low, your assets are modest, and your … Read More

Chapter 7 Buys You Some Time for Your Home

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Chapter 7 buys you some time by stopping a foreclosure or delaying one from starting, and may also prevent liens from hitting your home.   Chapter 7 “Straight Bankruptcy” vs. Chapter 13 “Adjustment of Debts” Speaking very generally, Chapter 7 buys you some time with your home while Chapter 13 buys you much more time. So the questions are: how … Read More

Income Tax Debt in Bankruptcy

Wasson and ThornhillTax Debts

Bankruptcy writes off income taxes, if they meet certain conditions. These conditions are relatively, but not completely, straightforward.