Dealing with Simple and Difficult Debts in Chapter 7 and 13

Wasson and ThornhillBankruptcy Options

Overall, Chapter 7 deals with simple debts as well or better than Chapter 13 does, which deals with more difficult debts better.   Debts in Bankruptcy When deciding between Chapter 7 “straight bankruptcy” and Chapter 13 “adjustment of debts” you look at many factors. You have to meet certain qualifications (usually easy to meet) to file either one. The amount … Read More

Summary about the Automatic Stay

Wasson and ThornhillAutomatic Stay

During the last 13 blog posts we’ve covered the automatic stay–crucial protection that filing bankruptcy gives you. Here’s a helpful summary.

A Fresh Start on a Child or Spousal Support Lien

Wasson and ThornhillChild & Spousal Support

If you have a child or spousal support lien on your home because you’re behind on support payments, with Chapter 13 you can safely protect the home. If you are behind on your support payments, your ex-spouse and support enforcement agencies have tremendous tools to use against you to try to force you to catch up. And if you own a … Read More