Unexpected Benefit: Reinstate Your Suspended Driver’s License

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Bankruptcy can reinstate your suspended driver’s license.  Depends. Can likely if it was suspended for an unpaid debt from an accident.   We’re continuing a series of blog posts about the powerful but less obvious benefits of bankruptcy. Bankruptcy gives you immediate and long-term relief from your debts. But it can do other very important things you may not know … Read More

Chapter 7 Stops Repo for Lapsed Vehicle Insurance

Wasson and ThornhillVehicles & Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 prevents repossession for lapsed vehicle insurance, but only briefly. You still have to insure your vehicle again quickly.     Our last blog post went through a list of ways Chapter 7 buys you time with your vehicle lender. Included in that list was that it gives you “a very limited time to reinstate required vehicle insurance.” This … Read More