Discharging Student Loans Causing Undue Hardship

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Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash. Discharging—permanently writing off—student loans requires showing undue hardship. Smart bankruptcy timing can make this easier to do. Discharging Student Loans in Bankruptcy It takes certain circumstances to be able to discharge student loans. Those circumstances can involve the right timing of your bankruptcy case. Bankruptcy discharges most debts. But it “does not discharge” you … Read More

Debts NOT Discharged in Bankruptcy

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Bankruptcy wipes out most debts. The only ones that aren’t are explicitly not discharged under federal bankruptcy law.   Debts Covered by the Discharge The basic rule is that bankruptcy discharges all your debts unless a particular debt fits a listed exception. Focusing on Chapter 7 “straight bankruptcy” today, you will likely receive an Order of Discharge from the bankruptcy court within … Read More

Stop Student Loan Collections to Have Time to Deal with It

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Chapter 7 will stop student loan collections. Then either write off the student loans through “undue hardship” or have time to deal with it.   Our last blog post was about a Chapter 7 bankruptcy stopping a tax garnishment only temporarily. In that situation this was OK because it gave time to set up a payment program with the IRS/state. … Read More