Finishing Your Chapter 13 Case

Wasson and ThornhillChapter 13

Finishing a Chapter 13 case successfully is a big deal. It is rewarding financially and emotionally. Here’s how it happens.

Avoid Having No Automatic Stay

Wasson and ThornhillAutomatic Stay

If there’s a risk you would not get the immediate benefit of the automatic stay, be aware of it and be prepare to prove your “good faith.”

How Long Does a Chapter 13 Last?

Wasson and ThornhillChapter 13

Whether you must pay for 3 years or 5 depends mostly on your income. Exactly how long it last depends on the many moving parts of your case.

What Is a Chapter 13 Plan?

Wasson and ThornhillChapter 13

It’s a formal proposal about how much you’ll pay your creditors. It is, often after some adjustments, “confirmed” by the bankruptcy court.