Wasson & Thornhill Named Bankruptcy Law Firm of the Month

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Wasson & Thornhill has been named Bankruptcy Law Firm of the Month by the Kentucky edition of Attorney at Law Magazine. Below is an excerpt and you can read the full article by clicking here or click here to download a PDF.

Bankruptcy Law Firm of the MonthOne of the secrets of the legal profession is that larger firms need a lot of volume to make their numbers work. That can often lead to depersonalized service, and when legal needs involve the stressful and emotional process of bankruptcy, that can be tough to take.

That’s why many people have turned to Wasson & Thornhill, Attorneys and Counselors at Law since the two-woman firm opened in 2012, and come away as extremely satisfied clients.

The firm’s tagline—Restart, Restore and Rebuild—speaks volumes about the personal and business philosophy of owners Andrea Wasson and Leeann Thornhill.

“The first thing we determine when someone comes to us for a consultation is whether they actually need to file for bankruptcy or if they still have a reasonable chance to dig themselves out of debt on their own. We don’t recommend filing bankruptcy when there are other realistic options, and because we don’t charge anything for the initial meeting, there is no down side to coming in for a consult,” Wasson says.